Live PD Extra Credit

Since the show is 3 hours long it would be too much to expect you to watch and blog about it so my offer is this Рwatch at least 30 continuous minutes of an episode and publish a blog post to your own blog with the information below.  Email me the link to your blog and I will check it on the 27th. You may not go back and do the old episodes, this must come from the episodes on 2/17, 2/18, or 2/25.

Blog post info:

Date and time watched-

As they switch around – city/county, incident reported, evidence collected, charges made

You should have several in a 30 minute period

You may do up to four posts (2 hours total) during the break.



Week of Feb 13-

We are continuing Unit 2B Questioned Documents, Glass, and Soil this week.

Mon 2/13 -Activity 10-2 Analysis of Ransom Note and Paper Chromatography Lab

Tue 2/14 – Activity 10-3 Examination of US Currency

Wed 2/15 – Glass Evidence Notes and Glass Article

Thur 2/16 – Activity 14-1 Glass Fracture Patterns

Fri 2/17 – Forensic Files

Week of Feb 6-10

This week we will finish up unit 2A: Fingerprints, Hair & Fibers and begin unit 2B: Questioned Documents, Glass & Soil.

Mon 2/6 – Wayne Williams article, Video – crime scene university

Tue 2/7 – Unit Review

Wed 2/8 – Unit Test: Fingerprints, Hair, & Fibers

Thur 2/9 – Questioned Documents Notes & Vocabulary

Fri 2/10 РActivity 10-1  Handwriting Analysis