Week of Mar 27-31

We will finish Drugs & Toxicology this week.

Mon – Work on Drug/Poison Project and Toxicology Notes

Tue – Finish Drug/Poison Project – some will present

Wed – Project Presentations and Think Tac Toe

Thur – Drugs & Toxicology Review

Fri – Unit Test: Drugs and Toxicology

Week of Mar 20-24

We will finish Medicolegal Deat unit and begin Drugs & Toxicology this week.

Mon – Medicolegal Death Test

Tue – Drug/Poison Project Introduction and Research

Wed – Drug/Poison Project Work

Thur – Drugs & Poisons Notes and Vocabulary Choice

Fri – Drug & Poison Lab

Week of Mar 13-17

This week we will continue the Medicolegal Death Unit.

Mon – Activity 13-3 The Romanovs and DNA: An Internet Activity

Tue- Activity 13-4: Estimation of Body Size from Individual Bones and Activity 13-5:What the Bones Tell Us.

Wed – Activity 13-6: Medical Examiner’s Findings

Thur – Activity 13-7: Height and Body Proportions (Must do in class)

Fri – Unit Review

Week of Mar 6-10

We will begin Unit 3 – Medicolegal Death. The work should be posted on the page if you lose a paper or are absent.

Mon: Death Notes and Vocabulary

Tue: 11-1 Calculating Time of Death Using Rigor Mortis

Wed:  11-2 Calculating Time of Death Using Algor Mortis

Thu: 11-4 Estimating Time of Death Using Insect, Algor, and Livor Mortis

Fri:  13-1 Determining the Age of a Skull and 13-2 Bones: Male or Female?