Written portion of Final Exam

For some these were good and for some they were not so good.  That being the case instead of entering them now – I am going to record them in the grade book and wait to enter until tomorrow.  If you score better on the multiple choice portion then I will enter that for both grades. If you do worse then you will get the written grade to help out the multiple choice.  Study hard!!!

Online Firearms comparison activity

Go to the website  http://www.firearmsid.com/

Click on Classroom login

First block students log in key:  C66380Spring 1st Block Forensics        then your full name

Second block students log in key:  C66380Spring 2nd Block           then your full name

Go to Virtual Comparison Microscope – Cartridge Case ID  Click test then try to match the Unknowns with the standard samples.   Do at least two tests.  The results will post and I can give you credit in the packet.