Late Work Deadline

The deadline for turn in of any missing work from Medicolegal Death Unit 3 (Ch. 11 & 13) is Friday April 27.


Week of April 16-20

We will finish Unit 4B this week.

Mon – Project Presentations

Tue – Drug and Poison Lab

Wed – Project Presentations

Thur – Project Presentations/Changing of Chairs Practice (2nd)

Fri – Forensic Files – Cold-hearted  (changing of chairs)


Week of March 26-30

We will be completing the DNA and Blood Unit this week:

Monday – Activity 8-3 Blood Spatter Height (Lab – dress accordingly!)

Tuesday – Activity 8-4 Blood Spatter Angle (Lab – dress accordingly!)

Wednesday – Activities 8-5 and 8-6 Area of Convergence and Point of Origin

Thursday – Unit Review

Friday – Unit Test

Week of Feb 12-16

We will be continuing Unit 2B Questioned Documents, Glass and Soil this week.

Mon – Complete Activity 10-1 Handwriting Analysis, do Activity 10-2 Analysis of Ransom Note, and Questioned Documents Vocabulary.

Tue – Activity 10-3 Examination of U.S. Currency and All About the Money Puzzle.

Wed – Did Pete Cheat Chromatography Lab and Glass Article

Thur – Glass Notes and Activity 14-1 Glass Fracture Patterns

Fri – Activity 14-4 Refractive Index of Glass (Lab) and Glass Vocabulary

Week of Feb 5-9

We will finish unit 2A Fingerprints, Hair and Fiber Evidence this week.

Mon 2/5 – Fiber Notes and Activity 4-1 Microscopic Fibers

Tue 2/6 – Activity 4-1 Fiber Burn Lab and Fiber vocabulary

Wed 2/7 – Unit Review and complete Wayne Williams Article

Thur 2/8 – Unit 2A Test and writing the 4th amendment.

Fri 2/9 – Questioned Documents Notes and Activity 10-1 Handwriting Analysis

Week of January 8-12

We are working on unit 1 so if you need something check that page at the top.

Mon 1/8 –  Activity 1-1 Learning to See and Activity 1-2 You’re An Eyewitness (will need to make up if absent!)

Tue 1/9 – Activity 1-3 What Influences Our Observations?  (Need to get from Mrs. McCoy if you are absent as you will need instructions.)

Wed 1/10 – Crime Scene Notes and Unit 1 Vocabulary (all available on page)

Thur 1/11 – Death on a Desk Crime Scene Sketch activity (needs to be made up)

Fri 1/12 – Unit 1 Quiz, Unit Review, and Article Choice (review and article info on page)