Written portion of Final Exam

For some these were good and for some they were not so good.  That being the case instead of entering them now – I am going to record them in the grade book and wait to enter until tomorrow.  If you score better on the multiple choice portion then I will enter that for both grades. If you do worse then you will get the written grade to help out the multiple choice.  Study hard!!!

Online Firearms comparison activity

Go to the website  http://www.firearmsid.com/

Click on Classroom login

First block students log in key:  C66380Spring 1st Block Forensics        then your full name

Second block students log in key:  C66380Spring 2nd Block           then your full name

Go to Virtual Comparison Microscope – Cartridge Case ID  Click test then try to match the Unknowns with the standard samples.   Do at least two tests.  The results will post and I can give you credit in the packet.




Week of May 1-5

We will be continuing the unit “It’s A Hit”  including tool marks, impression evidence, ballistics and arson this week.

Mon 5/1 – Activity 15-2 Shoe Size vs Height

Tue 5/2 – Activity 16-1 Tool Marks: Screwdrivers and Chisels

Wed 5/3 – Activity 15-4 Vehicle Identification

Thur 5/4 – Tool Marks the Spot Lab

Fri 5/5 – Forensic Files “The Disappearance of Helle Crafts” and DE video “The Value of Evidence”

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s activities are actual labs that will require in class makeups.


Week of Mar 27-31

We will finish Drugs & Toxicology this week.

Mon – Work on Drug/Poison Project and Toxicology Notes

Tue – Finish Drug/Poison Project – some will present

Wed – Project Presentations and Think Tac Toe

Thur – Drugs & Toxicology Review

Fri – Unit Test: Drugs and Toxicology

Week of Mar 20-24

We will finish Medicolegal Deat unit and begin Drugs & Toxicology this week.

Mon – Medicolegal Death Test

Tue – Drug/Poison Project Introduction and Research

Wed – Drug/Poison Project Work

Thur – Drugs & Poisons Notes and Vocabulary Choice

Fri – Drug & Poison Lab

Week of Mar 13-17

This week we will continue the Medicolegal Death Unit.

Mon – Activity 13-3 The Romanovs and DNA: An Internet Activity

Tue- Activity 13-4: Estimation of Body Size from Individual Bones and Activity 13-5:What the Bones Tell Us.

Wed – Activity 13-6: Medical Examiner’s Findings

Thur – Activity 13-7: Height and Body Proportions (Must do in class)

Fri – Unit Review

Week of Mar 6-10

We will begin Unit 3 – Medicolegal Death. The work should be posted on the page if you lose a paper or are absent.

Mon: Death Notes and Vocabulary

Tue: 11-1 Calculating Time of Death Using Rigor Mortis

Wed:  11-2 Calculating Time of Death Using Algor Mortis

Thu: 11-4 Estimating Time of Death Using Insect, Algor, and Livor Mortis

Fri:  13-1 Determining the Age of a Skull and 13-2 Bones: Male or Female?

Live PD Extra Credit

Since the show is 3 hours long it would be too much to expect you to watch and blog about it so my offer is this – watch at least 30 continuous minutes of an episode and publish a blog post to your own blog with the information below.  Email me the link to your blog and I will check it on the 27th. You may not go back and do the old episodes, this must come from the episodes on 2/17, 2/18, or 2/25.

Blog post info:

Date and time watched-

As they switch around – city/county, incident reported, evidence collected, charges made

You should have several in a 30 minute period

You may do up to four posts (2 hours total) during the break.



Week of Feb 13-

We are continuing Unit 2B Questioned Documents, Glass, and Soil this week.

Mon 2/13 -Activity 10-2 Analysis of Ransom Note and Paper Chromatography Lab

Tue 2/14 – Activity 10-3 Examination of US Currency

Wed 2/15 – Glass Evidence Notes and Glass Article

Thur 2/16 – Activity 14-1 Glass Fracture Patterns

Fri 2/17 – Forensic Files