Week of Sep 18-22

We will finish unit 2B Questioned documents, Glass, and Soil this week.

Mon 9/18 Activity 12-2 Soil Examination Lab

Tue 9/19  Article Evaluation – The Enrique Camerena Case

Wed 9/20 Unit Review and Kahoot

Thur 9/21 Unit Test

Fri 9/22 Introduction to Medicolegal death and Autopsy files.


Week of Sep 11-15

We will continue unit 2B Questioned documents, Glass, and Soil this week.

Mon 9/11: Glass notes and Activity 14-1 Glass Breaking Patterns

Tues 9/12: Activity 14-4 Refractive Index of Glass and glass vocabulary.

Wed 9/13: Soil notes and vocabulary.

Thur 9/14: Activity 12-2 Soil Examination Lab

Fri 9/15: Enrique Camerena article with questions.

Week of Sep 5-8

We will begin Unit 2B:  Questioned Documents, Glass and Soil this week.

Tue 9/5 –  Notes on handwriting and Activity 10-1 Handwriting Analysis

Wed 9/6 –  Activity 10-2 Ransom Note Analysis and Vocabulary

Thur 9/7 – You need a $1 and a $10!!!  Activity 10-3 Examination of US Currency and All About Money Puzzle

Fri 9/8 – Did Pete Cheat? Paper Chromatography Lab and Glass Article with Worksheet


Week of Aug 28 – Sep 1

We will finish unit 2A this week.

Mon 8/28 – Activities 4-1 and 4-5 Fiber labs

Tue 8/29 – Atlanta Child Murders article and videos

Wed 8/30 – Hair and Fiber Review

Thur 8/31 – Finish all unit work and review for test

Fri 9/1 – Unit 2A Test including practical application.  Unit packet due

Week of Aug 21 – 25

This week we will continue the first part of Unit 2 by finishing fingerprints and start hair evidence.

Mon 8/21 – Finish the Fingerprint Dinner Menu and do Fingerprint Review

Tue 8/22 – Latent Fingerprint Lab (dress accordingly!)

Wed 8/23 – Hair Notes and begin Activity 3-1 Microscopic Hair Analysis

Thur 8/24 – Finish Activity 3-1 Hair Analysis, Animal Hair Lab, and Hair vocabulary

Fri 8/25 – Fiber Notes and vocabulary

Latent fingerprints and hair analysis are LABS and require your presence!!!

Forensics Week of Aug 14-18

This week we will finish Unit 1 Introduction and The Crime Scene and begin Unit 2A Fingerprints, Hair and Fibers.

Mon 8/14 – Review unit 1

Tue 8/15 – Unit 1 Test and Article – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Forensic                                       Fingerprint Examiner

Wed 8/16   Fingerprint Notes and Vocabulary

Thur 8/17   Activity 6-1 Study Your Fingerprints and Activity 6-3 Studying Latent                                             Fingerprints ***Dress dark for fingerprint dust!

Fri 8/18   Activity 6-5 Is it a Match?  and Fingerprint Dinner Menu









Forensics Week of Aug 7-11

This week we will continue our Introduction and Crime Scene Investigation unit by doing the following:

Mon 8/7 – Death on a Desk: You will learn how to sketch a crime scene using this activity

Tue 8/8 – Crime Scene Procedures and Vocabulary: We will review the notes and watch a video about how to process a crime scene the complete your choice of vocabulary activities.

Wed 8/9- Crime Scene Investigation: You will work a crime scene and collect evidence to be processed after unit 2.  It is IMPERATIVE that everyone be present on Wednesday!!!

Thur 8/10 – Crime Scene Discussion and Article Choice activity

Fri 8/11 – Introduction to Forensics and Crime Scene Investigation Review