Week of Feb 6-10

This week we will finish up unit 2A: Fingerprints, Hair & Fibers and begin unit 2B: Questioned Documents, Glass & Soil.

Mon 2/6 – Wayne Williams article, Video – crime scene university

Tue 2/7 – Unit Review

Wed 2/8 – Unit Test: Fingerprints, Hair, & Fibers

Thur 2/9 – Questioned Documents Notes & Vocabulary

Fri 2/10 – Activity 10-1  Handwriting Analysis


Week of Jan 30 – Feb 3

We will continue the unit physical evidence unit with notes and labs on hair and fibers.

Mon 1/30 – Notes and vocabulary on Hair Evidence. A video on microscope use will also be observed.

Tue 1/31 – Hair lab (day 1)  Examine your own hair then begin activity 3-1 Hair Lab

Wed 2/1 – Hair lab (day 2)  Finish activity 3-1 then do animal hair examinations.

Thur 2/2 – Fiber notes and vocabulary.

Fri 2/3 – Activities 4-1 and 4-5   Microscopic fiber lab and Fiber burn analysis


Week of Jan 23-27

This week we will do /have done the following:

Mon 1/23 – Notes on Fingerprints

Tue 1/24 – Activity 6-1 and 6-3 Fingerprint labs

Wed 1/25 – Activity 6-5 Fingerprint Matching and Fingerprint Dinner Menu

Thur 1/26 – Latent Fingerprint Lab

Fri 1/27 – Fingerprint Review


Week of Jan 17-20

We will finish up unit 1 – Introduction and Crime Scene this week.

Tue 1/17  – “Death on a Desk” Crime scene sketch activity

Wed 1/18 – Crime Scene Investigation – activity working a “crime scene”

Thur 1/19 – Unit Review (choice)

Fri 1/20 – Unit 1 Test

Welcome to Forensics

We will spend the semester studying crime scenes and how evidence leads to convictions. Much of your grade will includes labs and crime scenes that you must be present in class to complete so attendance is critical. Work for missed days are posted in the unit pages at the top of the blog. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Welcome to Forensics

Welcome!  We will be spending the semester participating in activities and crime scenes so it is important that you be in class as much as possible.  If you miss a day please check what we did and then the pages posted at the top of the blog to make up the work.  If you have difficulty finding something please don’t hesitate to ask for help.